Petrol Diesel Price Today: Petrol here for Rs 84, diesel at Rs 79 per liter

Petrol Diesel Price Today: Petrol here for Rs 84, diesel at Rs 79 per liter:  New prices for petrol as well as diesel have been revealed. The benefit for the average person is that there are no changes in the prices of oil. Oil companies have remained at the prices they used to charge for diesel and petrol. In the capital city of the nation, Delhi (Delhi Petrol Diesel Price) costs 96.72 for one liter of gasoline. Let us know the current prices for diesel and petrol in the other cities across the country.

cheapest petrol
Port Blair – Rs 84.10

cheapest diesel
Port Blair – Rs 79.74

What is the rate in metros

Petrol – Rs 96.72
Diesel – Rs 89.62

Petrol – Rs 106.31
Diesel – Rs 94.27

Petrol – Rs 102.63
Diesel – Rs 94.24

Petrol – Rs 106.03
Diesel – Rs 92.76

What is the rate in the capital of the different state

Petrol – Rs 96.57
Diesel – Rs 89.76

Petrol – Rs 107.24
Diesel – Rs 94.02

Petrol – Rs 108.65
Diesel – Rs 93.90

Petrol – Rs 99.84
Diesel – Rs 94.65

Petrol – Rs 108.48
Diesel – Rs 93.72

(Note: Prices per liter)

Check Your City Rate

You can also track the cost of petrol or diesel within your town each day via SMS. Indian Oil (IOC) consumers can send RSPs to the number 9224992249. HPCL (HPCL) customers can send HP PRICE to the number 9222201122. BPCL consumers can also send RSPs to the number 9223112222.


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