Gold Price India August 22: Check Latest Gold Price In Your City

Gold Price India August 22: Check Latest Gold Price In Your City: The price of gold that is 22 carats in India is estimated at 47,600 per 10 grams, with a drop of 200 rupees. The value of 24 carats has been recorded at Rs 51,930 for 10 grams, with a dip of 220. These prices do not include GST, TCS, and other taxes. The gold price in the major city centers of India can be found as follows:

Gold Price India August 22

Chennai The cost in 22 carats pure gold is 48150 per gram, and the price for 24 carats is 52,530 for 10 grams.

In Mumbai, the 22-carat gold equivalent is 47600 per 10 grams. The price for 24 carats of gold is 51.930 per gram.

Kolkata The price for gold with 22 carats is 47600 per 10 grams and the price for 24 carats of gold comes to 51,930 for 10 grams.

Delhi The price for the 22 carats gold equivalent is 47,750 per gram, and the cost for 24 carats is 52,100 for a 10 grams.

How can I determine the gold’s purity?

Gold jewelry has no longer an accessory for fashion, but is now a crucial investment for many people in India. So, it is important to be fully aware of the purity and quality of gold prior to purchasing it.

Many investors are looking to purchase gold in the wake of the slumping prices. Gold’s purity measures in Carat which can be classified as 24, 22, 18 14, as well as 10 Carats. A majority of jewelry is made of 22, Carat of gold since 24 Carat gold is extremely fragile and can break easily. It is important to know that 24 Carat pure gold has written 999 in comparison to the 22 Carat gold is 995.

If it’s the 22 Carat gold, you’ll have 916 written, and an 18 Carat gold will have 750 written. The purity of the jewelry is determined by looking at an Hall Mark sign as it is a requirement for jewelers to put the Hall Mark on each piece of jewelry.


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