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Business Idea: Start this superhit business for extra earning

ginger farming
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Business Idea: Start this superhit business for extra earning: If you are looking to make huge amounts through farming, today we will introduce you to that you can make lakhs of rupees each year. It is a business that is always in high demand. Many educated people are working in agriculture and earning thousands of rupees per year comfortably. The government is also providing assistance to businesses that are related to agriculture. Today, we present to you the opportunity to begin ginger farming.

This is often used to make tea pickles, vegetables, and even pickles. In addition to maintaining a high demand all year round, There is also an excellent cost to be had. It is extremely sought-after in winter. Because of this, demand is steady all year round. This means you will earn more than you earn from your jobs. Most important is that support will be offered by Central Government. Central Government for its cultivation.

How to cultivate ginger?

Ginger cultivation depends on rainwater. It can be cultivated alone or in combination with papaya and other large tree crops. 2 to 3 quintals of seeds are required for sowing in one hectare. The cultivation of ginger should be done by making beds. Apart from this, water also drains easily by making drains in the middle. Ginger should not be cultivated in waterlogged fields. A soil with 6-7 pH is considered better for ginger cultivation. The tubers of the previous crop of ginger are used. Break the claws of big ginger in such a way that two to three sprouts remain in one piece.

How to grow ginger

While sowing ginger, row-to-row distance should be 30-40 cm and plant-to-plant distance should be 25 to 25 cm. Apart from this, after sowing the middle tubers at a depth of four to five cm, they should be covered with light soil or cow dung.

How much will it cost

It may take 8 to 9 months for the ginger crop to be ready. The yield of ginger in one hectare ranges from 150 to 200 quintals. About 7-8 lakh rupees can be spent on the cultivation of ginger in one hectare.

How much will you earn

If we talk about earning from ginger, then the yield of ginger in one hectare can be 150-200 quintals. Ginger is selling for around Rs 80 per kg in the market. If it is considered at Rs 60 per kg, then one hectare will easily earn up to Rs 25 lakh. Even after taking out all the expenses involved in this, there will be an easy profit of up to Rs 15 lakh.

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