Small Business Ideas: Low-Investment, High-Profit

Small Business Ideas: Low-Investment, High-Profit: This is a truly unique business idea that not only has low investment and a high return but also makes you famous in your area. Your interview will be broadcast on television, the story will be reported in papers and you will receive a lot of praise from the public eye. This type of business is carried out by young people in many cities in India. The businessman is not just making money, but he is also respected on social occasions.

The process involves creating new products from recycled flowers. Your brand can be named in accordance with your preferences. This can also be a symbol of the protection of nature, earth, and the natural environment. It is very affordable to invest when you receive the raw material at no cost. Every day, many kilograms of flowers are given to the gods in temples around the city. Later, they are thrown away in ponds, rivers, and ponds. You must collect flowers of these kinds and then you can create many kinds of products using them.

What products can be made by recycling flowers?

  • Incense sticks
  • Incense stick
  • Incense cup
  • Natural color

Aromatic substances such as perfumes, cosmetic and industrial grade perfumes, Organic manure like vermicompost etc.

Bio Enzymes – For Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Companies The price of the machines used for the above-mentioned product is between Rs 25000 and 500000 rupees. It is possible to finalize your product taking into consideration the capacity of your facility, the supply of flowers, and the demand in your marketplace. Once you have started to make money any kind of product is possible to create.

We suggest creating Havan Cup here. It is fully ready for use. It is only required that the fire be lit. The market for it has grown considerably following the pandemic. Havans that are house-to-house are being utilized to cleanse the air. If your HavanCup is priced at Rs 5 and you have a large number of regular customers throughout your city.


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