Small Business Ideas: GST-free business, Profit of 1000 per day

Small Business Ideas: GST-free business, Profit of 1000 per day: If you’re looking for an enterprise of a smaller scale that doesn’t require many licenses from the government in order to start, we recommend a company that is designated GST unaffected by the federal government. Not only are loans and subsidies offered, but orders are also taken directly from the government.

We’re talking about the Fully Automated Designer Kulhad Manufacturing Plant. The cost of equipment for this varies from 100000 to 800000. The machine is available for purchase in accordance with the size of your market. No matter what your education level and under the various programs of the federal government, a loan is available with low interest, and subsidies are also provided to purchase this machine. The most appealing thing is that it doesn’t require skilled craftsmen to construct it. Even an untrained and illiterate person can create kulhad with the aid of this device.

Demand for designer kulhads is growing constantly in the marketplace. From tandoori chai to lassi designer kulhads are now in the category of high-profile. Every major event is held in your local area. It is either dry, winter or summer. Kulhad is only used for beverages that are seasonal (tea as well as lassi). Kulhad is utilized in nearly all government programs since plastic isn’t considered acceptable and there is no alternative that could be compared to designer kulhad.

You can create any name on the Designer Kullad. If you are able to produce 1000 kulhads a day, the cost for one kulhad will be around $1 with electricity and wages included. It is available at a market price of around Rs 1.50. Shopkeepers are more likely to purchase it due to this reason. their tea that costs Rs 10 turns into Rs 15. A lassi of Rs 20 becomes Rs 40.


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