Small Business Ideas: Earning ₹ 30000 a month by doing 6 to 10 work from home

Small Business Ideas: Earning ₹ 30000 a month by doing 6 to 10 work from home: Today, I will talk about an extremely small-scale business model that requires no investment i.e. zero investment business. It will be possible to work from home, there is no need to open a store and there is no requirement to work 12-15 hours each day, from morning until night. Between 6:00 am and 10 am your revenue must be at or above 2500 rupees and your profit margin will be at least Rs 1000 i.e. 30,000 rupees per month.

Market research first, the problem of the public

People wake up between 6:00 am and 10:00 am. Everyone wants his morning to be the best. Everyone needs good tea and breakfast for a good morning. Tea is made at home but making breakfast early in the morning is a difficult task. Sometimes the master chef of the house is also on leave. Sometimes some guests come. No one likes market breakfast now because no one likes to eat cholesterol-boosting oils first thing in the morning.

The solution to the problem is Homemade Breakfast

Homemade Breakfast means breakfast that is made at home. Made in good oil or 100% nonoily. These days a large number of people are searching for homemade breakfast near me on the internet. Needless to say that the demand is increasing very fast and this is the right time. Your entire business will run with just one WhatsApp group.

Go out to meet all the families nearby. Tell them about the homemade breakfast and with their permission add their number to your WhatsApp group. Now every evening you have to ask what people would like to eat for breakfast tomorrow morning and the next morning you have to tell what you have prepared for breakfast today. There is no need to teach that 3-4 varieties will be made at all.

Suppose out of 250 people, only 25 people come to get breakfast for their family or order for home delivery. The average breakfast for a family is ₹250. Let us assume ₹ 100. That is, in the morning, 2500 rupees were sold. This type of food product has a 50% profit margin. That is 1250 rupees per day for you. If so much work is done in the morning, then a helper will also be needed. ₹ 250 his, ₹ 1000 yours.

Carrot, beetroot, and fruit juices and shakes can also be made. There are some people who like to drink juice after a morning walk. Children like coconut milk very much. Some people who are not able to have breakfast in the morning or if breakfast gets spoiled while making it at home, then they like to drink shakes while going to the office. This is your extra income.


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