Small Business Ideas: Earn ₹40000 a month with Weekend Party

Small Business Ideas: It is said that to earn money, Always need an idea, not an investment. Today how you will talk about zero investment business idea, which is in demand but is needed a lot. You will not only earn money but will also help in increasing the health of the society and their income.

First the market survey and the problem of the public

Coronavirus has not only taken 2 years out of people’s lives but has changed the whole lifestyle. Even after so long, the lockdown is over, and a strange kind of negativity is being seen among the people. This negativity is affecting people’s personal and professional life. It is also affecting their health. People have gotten used to being alone and are getting scared of the crowd.

Problem solution and unique business idea

It has become very important that happiness should be shared among people. A few years ago, after watching a comedy show on television, sick people started recovering but films and TV are also not able to make people positive. In such a situation, you can do the work of organizing a weekend picnic party.

No need to tell what will be the features of the weekend party. You know and if you don’t know then you can search on the internet. You can also ask some people. It can also include night rest, special morning tea, breakfast, and some games. People would love to come with the whole family. There will be a kind of tourism. All you have to do is tell people about your weekend party through social media.

It will start on Saturday evening and will continue till Sunday evening. This party can be held at a tourist place or it can also happen in an empty marriage garden in your city. There are many plans and needless to say that earning is also very good in this.


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