Petrol-Diesel Price Today: Petrol-Diesel Price 24 August

Petrol-Diesel Price Today: Petrol-Diesel Price 24 August: The prices of crude oil have jumped up once more. Brett crude has yet again exceeded $100 a barrel. Meanwhile, petroleum companies have announced new prices for diesel and petrol this morning i.e. in the morning at 6:30 am Wednesday. According to the current price, this Wednesday is also a day of relief.

With the exception of Maharashtra, There has been no change in the other states, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh for the 95th consecutive day, whereas crude oil prices are climbing again. Brent crude has risen to the price of 96.94 for a barrel. When you get home be sure to look up the rates of diesel and petrol in your area, where are the most affordable diesel and petrol available, and what rates are being charged in your area?

Most expensive fuel in sriganganagar

Since the VAT reduction on diesel and petrol in Maharashtra, The most expensive fuel available in the country is found in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Prior to that, the highest-priced gasoline was found at Parbhani, Maharashtra. Petrol is priced lower by 29.39 at Port Blair as compared to Sri Ganganagar and diesel is also less expensive at about 18.50. Let us inform our readers that at Port Blair it is Rs 84.10 and diesel is 79.74 per liter.

Petrol Diesel Price Today Relief in petrol diesel prices on the 95th

City Name Petrol Rs/Lit Diesel Rs/Lit

    • Agra 96.35 89.52
    • Lucknow 96.57 89.76
    • Port Blair 84.1 79.74
    • Dehradun 95.26 90.28
    • Dhanbad 99.99 94.78
    • Faridabad 97.45 90.31
    • Gangtok 102.50 89.70
    • Ghaziabad 96.50 89.68
    • Gorakhpur 96.76 89.94
    • Sriganganagar 113.49 98.24
    • Parbhani 109.37 95.77
    • Jaipur 108.48 93.72
    • Ranchi 99.84 94.65
    • Patna 107.24 94.04
    • Chennai 102.63 94.24
    • Bengaluru 101.94 87.89
    • Kolkata 106.03 92.76
    • Delhi 96.72 89.62
    • Ahmedabad 96.42 92. 17
    • Chandigarh 96.2 84.26
    • Mumbai 106.31 94.27
    • Bhopal 108.65 93.9

Cheapest petrol
84.1 in Port Blair

Cheapest diesel
79.74 in Port Blair

Most expensive petrol
113.49 in Sriganganagar

Most expensive diesel
98.24 in Sriganganagar


Check your city rate like this

You can also check the price of petrol and diesel in your city daily through SMS. Indian Oil (IOC) consumers can send RSP to number 9224992249 and HPCL (HPCL) consumers can send HPPRICE to number 9222201122. BPCL customers can send RSPs to the number 9223112222.


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