Opportunity to earn 8 to 10 lakh rupees from 5 rupee note, you will get money sitting at home, see the way

 5 rupee note: If you are looking for any other way to earn money with the job then this news is for you. We are going to tell you a great way to earn money. In this way, you will be able to earn big money sitting at home. Please tell me that this is the way to sell old notes and coins. In fact, at present, the sale of old notes and coins is going on very fast in the international market. In this, old notes and coins are bought and sold in lakhs. People are also earning lakhs of rupees by selling old notes and coins. Now if you have any old notes then you too can earn big money.

Let us tell you that there are many such notes and coins, which were in circulation many years ago, but today they are rarely seen. At the same time, some people are fond of buying such old notes and coins. There is such a 5 rupee note, which has a lot of demand in the market, but some conditions have to be fulfilled to sell this note. If your 5 rupee note fulfills these conditions, then you can fulfill the dream of becoming a millionaire sitting at home.

Opportunity to earn 8 to 10 lakh rupees from 5 rupee note

The condition for this 5 rupee note is that 5 rupee note should have a tractor picture and the number 786 on the note. Now the 5 rupee note you have fulfills the conditions, then you can earn from 8 to 10 lakh rupees. This note issued by the Reserve Bank of India is considered ‘Extremely Rare’.

Sell this note like this

  • First, you go to eBay, Quickr, or Coinbazar’s website.
  • To sell these old notes and coins, you have to create your seller account on online selling or auction websites. You will be able to sell anything only after creating this account.
  • Here you have to take a photo of your coin or note from both sides and upload it on the website. When an interested buyer sees it, he or she will contact you.


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