NPS: How To Make Contributions Under D-Remit Via UPI?

NPS: How To Make Contributions Under D-Remit Via UPI?: In accordance with the PFRDA circular of 11 August 2022. PFRDA has created the UPI handle to deposit contributions into the NPS account through D-Remit. Presently, NPS subscribers deposit their voluntary contributions through D-Remit to Tier I/II through the account in their net banking of the Subscribers Bank Account using IMPS/NEFT/RTGS. “Now the contributions are made via UPI are now enabled to make it easier to deposit contributions.

The UPI handle for the D- Remit is [email protected] It is vital to know that the D Remit virtual Account differs from the Permanent Account Number (PRAN) and starts at either 6001 or. D remit Virtual Account number differs for Tier I and II” The circular states that.

NPS: How To Make Contributions Under D-Remit Via UPI

Under D-Remit the funds received from Trustee Bank (TB) Trustee Bank (TB) before the time of 09:30 am will be evaluated to be invested on the same day. If contributions are received after 09:30 am will be assessed to be invested on the following investment day in accordance with the guidelines.

The advantages of D-Remit

The same circular has also described the benefits of D-Remit, including its Same Day Investment/NAV, Facility to set up periodic auto-debits viz monthly quarterly, half-yearly, etc as well as the option to make a one-time or a regular contribution, the ease of altering the amount or frequency of auto debit, enabling or stopping Auto debits as per your preference and optimizing the investment return by using Standing Instructions, Cost averaging in rupees as well as long-term retirement wealth creation, et

How do I create a virtual account number? And how to make a Remit NPS contributions via UPI?

Step 1. NPS subscribers must go to the eNPS website on the CRA system.


Step 2: Give the details to verify PRAN

Step 3. Submit OTP that was received via your mobile phone or via email

Step 4: Choose which account i.e. NPS Tier I or Tier II for the account that is to be set up

Step 5. Read and Give the Consent to I declare that the amount of money I have paid me comes from my legally declared and assessed sources of income. I acknowledge that NPS trust is entitled to review my financial information or provide the information to other government agencies. I also agree that NPS trust has the power to terminate my PRAN in the event that I am accused of violating the provisions of any law related to the prohibition of laundering money.

Step 6. Step 6. Click Generate Virtual account, the request is sent to the TTB, and an acknowledgment number is created. A unique number is generated for every kind of NPS account.

Step 7: In Step 7: In the UPI handle, type in your 15-digit Virtual Account Number. in the format, ‘[email protected]’ for remitting the funds to PRAN

Step 8 The same day NAV when funds are received until 9:30 AM on any day of the week. Contributions received after 9:30 AM will be invested the following working day.


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