Mustard Oil Price: Mustard oil prices come face to face, buy soon, know the price of one liter

Mustard Oil Price: Mustard oil prices are seen to be unbridled in the Indian retail markets, due to which the tension is visible on the faces of the customers. Inflation has stopped the pace of life, due to which the budget of common people is also getting worse. Still, if you want to buy mustard oil in Pitra Paksha, then this news is going to prove to be very useful for you. Mustard oil is selling cheap at Rs 55 per liter from its highest price. That is why it is important that you do not miss out on buying, because according to experts, there may be an increase in the price of mustard oil in the coming days.

Mustard oil is being sold for so many rupees per liter

In the country’s largest state Uttar Pradesh, the prices of mustard oil are going up and down. In many cities of UP, the price of mustard oil is being recorded at Rs 180 per liter. On September 16 morning, the price of mustard oil is being recorded at Rs 160 per liter. 155 rupees per liter is being seen in Shahjahanpur. Before this, the price of mustard oil was Rs 142 in Hathras for four consecutive days, while on September 4, mustard oil was recorded at Rs 143 in Hathras itself.

At the same time, before this, Rs 162 per liter has been registered in Hamirpur for four consecutive days. Earlier, mustard oil is running lowest in Auraiya at Rs 140 per liter. The price of mustard oil is being seen in some cities.

Know the price of mustard oil in these cities of Uttar Pradesh

At the same time, the maximum price of mustard oil was seen in Hamirpur on 7 September at Rs 162 per liter. Earlier, in UP’s industrial city Kanpur, it was Rs 180 per liter for 21 consecutive days. Prior to that, the highest price of mustard oil stood at Rs 162 in Hamirpur on 27th August. On August 29, a liter worth Rs 180 was found in Kanpur. Therefore, this is a golden opportunity to make a purchase, from which you can save your money.


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