Gold price in the national capital on Wednesday rose Rs 274 to Rs 51,909 per 10 grams

Gold price in the national capital on Wednesday rose Rs 274 to Rs 51,909 per 10 grams amid firm global trends, according to HDFC Securities. In the previous trade, the yellow metal closed at Rs 51.635 for 10 grams. According to a PTI report, silver also rose Rs 448 to Rs 55.682 per kilogram from Rs 55.234 per kilogram in the previous trade.

According to the PTI report, gold traded higher on the international market at USD 1,749 an ounce and silver flat at USD 19,11 an ounce. Tapan Patel (Senior Analyst, Commodities), HDFC Securities stated that gold prices have recovered due to a weaker dollar and an improvement in US bond yields.

How can you check the purity of gold?

Gold jewelry has evolved from a fashion statement to a crucial investment. You should ensure that you are 100% aware of the quality of gold before you purchase it.

Many investors might be looking to purchase gold in the face of falling prices. You can classify the purity of gold in carats, which can be divided into 24, 22, 18, 14, or 10 Carats. Jewelry is mostly made of 22 Carats of gold, as 24 Carats of gold are very soft and break easily. It is important to note that 22 Carat pure gold will have 999 written, while 24 Carat gold will be written at 995.

You will find 916 writing on 22 Carat Gold, while 750 will be written on 18 Carat Gold. You can determine the purity of jewelry by looking for the Hallmark sign. Jewelers must write it on every piece of jewelry.


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