Gold Price: gold price fell, know the latest price of 10 grams

Gold Price: These days there is a lot of volatility in the gold and silver prices in the Indian bullion markets, due to which there is a cloud of confusion on the face of the buyers. If you want to buy gold in the midst of monsoon farewell, then this news is going to prove to be of great use to you. Gold is being sold cheaply at about Rs 4,700 from its high-level rate, which can be a loss if you miss the opportunity to buy. In the retail market of the country, the price of gold fell to Rs 150 on Wednesday.

In the futures market, gold is trading at around Rs 49150 on the Multi Commodity Exchange. Gold October futures on MCX is trading at Rs 49155 per 10 grams after recording a fall of Rs 20. At the same time, silver December futures are being recorded at Rs 56,606 per kg with a jump of Rs 263.

Know the price of gold in these metros including the national capital Delhi

  • In the country’s capital Delhi, gold of 22-carat purity is being bought down by Rs 150 at Rs 45,950, and 24-carat gold is getting down by Rs 180 at Rs 50,110 per 10 grams.
  • In Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, 22-carat gold is being bought down by Rs 150 at Rs 45800 and 24-carat gold is getting cheaper by Rs 170 at Rs 49960.
  • In Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, 22-carat gold is seen falling by Rs 100 to Rs 46200 and 24-carat purity gold is seen getting cheaper by Rs 110 at Rs 50400.
  • In Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, the price of gold is falling by Rs 150 for 22 carats and is running at 45800. At the same time, 24-carat gold is being recorded cheaper by Rs 170 to Rs 49960. If you want to buy from anywhere other than these metropolitan cities, then first definitely find out the price of gold.


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