Gas Agency: Open a gas agency with a small investment, a chance to earn millions a month, know the whole process

Gas Agency: People use LPG for cooking. Its distribution is mainly done by three government companies in India. Along with this, these companies also provide LPG distributorship. If you are thinking of taking LPG distributorship, then know that for this you need to be a citizen of India. At the same time, only 10th-pass people can apply to the agency of LPG. The notification to apply for this has been issued in the newspaper.

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LPG distributorship is available from these companies

The distributorship of Bharat Gas is provided by Bharat Petroleum, the distributorship of HP Gas is Hindustan Petroleum and the distributorship of Indane Gas is Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Gas agency license is obtained from these companies. From time to time these three companies keep on taking out applications for distributorship.

How to Apply

One can apply for LPG distributorship in these companies either online or offline. In this, the applicant has to be interviewed and after assessing him on many grounds, the company releases the result. After the name appears in the result list, the company gives the LPG distributorship. Let us tell you that to apply for a gas agency, a non-refundable fee of ₹ 10,000 has to be deposited.

total cost of

To open a gas agency KO, about ₹ 15 lakh is needed. You can use this invested money to build a warehouse and an office. The gas cylinder is stored in the godown. At the same time, the need for a printer and computer in the office is fallow.


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