Buy This stock is going to give a 50% return in just 6 months

Buy This stock is going to give a 50% return in just 6 months: Experts are confident about APL Apollo Tubes’ stock, which is a manufacturer of steel tubes in India. Bharat Gala (President, Technical Research at Ventura Securities), expects that the stock price of the company will rise to Rs 1700-2000 within the next six months. Currently, the stock price is expected to rise by 50% in this sense. Experts recommend investing in stocks as well as deep positions.

What is the stock’s current price?

The stock price closed Friday’s trading at Rs 1063.00. This is a gain of 1.64% over the previous day. On August 16, the stock price was Rs 1,146.25. This is a 52-week record. The company’s market capitalization is Rs 26,604.82 million.

Stock performance The stock traded between Rs. 750 and Rs. 1,000 between September 2021-July 2022. In the past month, however, the stock traded between Rs 750 and Rs 1,000. APL Apollo Tubes, India’s largest manufacturer of structural steel tubes, is APL Apollo Tubes. According to the company’s website, it produces over 1,100 types of galvanized and structural steel tubes.


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