Business Idea: Lifetime of this product is in huge demand, know how to earn money

Business Idea: Lifetime of this product is in huge demand, know how to earn money: Many people dream of starting their own business. Sometimes they fail to find a great business idea. Most businesses require a large investment to get started. They worry about the return on their investment after they start a business. We are going to tell you about a fantastic business that can be started in such a scenario. It can be easily started with minimal investment. This business can provide better returns. You can start it anywhere in your village or city.

This is the snack business, i.e. namkeen. Namkeen is a popular dish in India. People love to have biscuit-salted breakfast food with their tea. There are many snacks on the market. You can make a big market if you offer people a different flavor of your namkeen.

How to begin

For making namkeen, you will need a sev maker, fryer, mixing machine, and packaging machine. A space of 300 to 500 square feet is required for this type of business. Many types of permissions are required to allow the factory to pass. All requirements, such as food license, MSME registration, and GST registration, will need to be met.

Raw material required

Salty will also require raw materials. This means that you will need all the ingredients such as oil, maida, and salt. To complete the task, it will require at least 1-2 workers. A connection to the electricity of at least 5 – 8 kW is required.


To start this business, will require at least 2 lakhs and a maximum of 6 million. In a matter of days, you will be able to make about 20-30 percent profit on the investment.


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