Become a millionaire sitting at home with 786 number note, all the work will be done online, know how?

786 number note: At present, the auction of old and rare notes is going on very fast. Such old and rare notes are bought and sold in the international market. If you have such notes then you can earn a lot of money. Actually, some people who are fond of keeping a collection of such old and rare notes, those people are ready to spend lakhs of rupees on them. If you have this 100 rupee note, at this time you are a millionaire. Let us understand properly how we can earn lakhs from this 100 rupee note.

People who are fond of collecting such notes and coins can earn lakhs of crores from their deposited notes and old coins. Nowadays there are many such websites where you can go and send these coins and notes. First of all you have to create your account on this website. And after that, a good photo of your lotia coin has to be taken.

By which you have to upload on that website. After that people interested in your coin or note contact you and bargain for it, you can send it at whatever rate you like for your coin and note.

What is special in a 100 rupee note?

Today we are giving you information about 786 number notes here. These notes are currently in high demand. Let us now tell you about these notes in detail.

Why the 786 number note is special:

First of all, 786 marks have been given in this note. Actually, 786 is considered very lucky in the Muslim religion. Not only this, 786 number is considered very auspicious in every religious community. This is the reason why people buy it and get ready to pay a good amount.

Apart from this, if you have any notes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 or 2000 rupees with the number 786. So you can earn lakhs of rupees from this. One can easily earn 8 to 10 lakh rupees by selling these notes.

How to Sell Online:

  • If you have such a note and you want to sell it, then first you have to go to eBay. You have to create an account on websites like com, Quaker and
  • After this, taking a good photo of both sides of the note will have to be uploaded.
  • Also, you have to register your contact number so that buyers can contact you.
  • Along with this, give the email id so that the buyer can contact you.
  • Anyone who wants to buy it will buy this note from you.


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