2 rupee note: Great way to earn online! 5 lakh for ₹ 2 note

2 rupee note: At present, people are facing the brunt of inflation in the country, due to which a huge impact is being seen in the pockets of the people, due to which people are looking towards their side business. In such a situation, everyone wants that more money can be earned in less time. If you are thinking of earning more in less time then there is very good news for you. If you all have only this ₹ 2 note, then you can get 5 lakhs in your house instantly.

Great way to earn online

Let us tell you that these days there is a huge demand for old notes and coins in the international market. People are earning lakhs of rupees due to these notes. There is a long rush for notes ranging from number 786 to number 123456. In such a situation, if you have a note, then you can also earn lakhs of rupees by selling it.

Earn lakhs from 2 rupee note sitting at home

The Rs 2 note seen in the picture is in great demand in the international market. People are earning lakhs of rupees from the old 2 rupee notes. If the serial numbers 786, 111, or 222 digits are present on the 2 rupee note, then you can sell it for a higher price. You can earn 3 to 5 lakh rupees by selling this note in the market. Apart from this, if 123456 is printed on the note, then you can earn up to 8 lakh rupees by selling it.

How to sell a note or coin

You do not need to go anywhere with these notes or coins. Can be sold through the online website mentioned here.

  • First, you go to the portal of eBay, Quickr, or Coinbazar.
  • Register here as a seller.
  • After this, upload a picture of both sides of the note or coin.
  • After that publish the advertisement.
  • Those interested in this note or coin will contact you directly.


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