2 rupee note: earn 5 lakhs from Rs 2, do this work quickly

2 rupee note: Sell ​​Old Note: In today’s time everyone wants to become rich overnight. Everyone thinks that what should be done to become rich. It’s not that people don’t try. However, it is very difficult to become a millionaire overnight. But today we will tell a way by which millions can be reduced overnight. Let us know what you have to do about this.

This is the way of auctioning old notes and coins. In fact, in today’s time, the market for the auction of old notes and coins has increased a lot. If you have some old notes and coins then you can become a millionaire. Yes, you heard it right. Actually, there are some people who keep a collection of old notes and coins. Such people pay a good price to buy old notes and coins.

Today we are telling you about a special note of 2 rupees. At present, this note is in great demand in the market. Believe me, if you have this note then your luck will shine. Let us know the specialty of this note.

What is the specialty of this 2 rupee note?

A special number has been given in this 2 rupee note. We are talking about its serial number. If its serial number is numbered 786, 111, 222, then you can earn 3 to 5 lakh rupees by selling this note. Apart from this, if the number 123456 is given in the serial number, then you can earn up to 8 lakh rupees.

How to sell this old note?

  1. To sell these old notes and coins, you go to online selling or auction websites.
  2. Here you have to create your seller account. You will be able to sell anything only after creating this account.
  3. Register your mobile number and e-mail there.
  4. Here you have to take a photo of your coin or note from both sides and upload it on the website.
  5. When an interested buyer sees it, he or she will contact you.


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